Step Junior

*Educational Aims

How well does my child understand English? This is a question many parents of students ask. Then why not have your child challenge the STEP Junior test? The STEP Junior test is offered at regular intervals throughout the year. Parents and children wishing to sit for the STEP Junior test are welcome at KIDS Campus. To help our students succeed, we have developed the STEP Junior course. Under this program children will be able to learn about

  1. how the test is presented
  2. what areas will be tested
  3. what kind of questions will be appear on the test
  4. develop listening skills to help students perform to the best of their ability
  5. develop reading skills to help students understand the written test material better

KIDS Campus uses texts and materials that have been developed by the Society for Testing English Proficiency.


Students or parents of students should enquire at Reception to find out more about arranging lesson times, where and how to sit for the STEP Junior test.


Tuesday through Saturday.


For children aged 5 12.


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