Australia Short Term Program

imageParents and children can experience life and culture on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. KIDS Campus has arranged a program catered to your child’s English conversation needs, developmental needs, social needs and sense of enjoyment.

Fuji International Kindergarten, 10 minutes drive from the beach, is located in Robina, on the Gold Coast. Close to shops, parks and surrounded by parkland and woodland areas, it has a relaxed atmosphere where children can play in a safe environment.

imageThe 7 day – 5 night program allows Dads a chance to join Mums and children to explore their child’s world of English communication. Children attend Fuji International Kindergarten for three days. During this time children make friends with native English speaking children, meet new teachers, discover new surroundings, enjoy a range of activities and learning, develop new skills and of course listen and speak in English. Parents have the opportunity to take time to watch how their child is developing and progressing. Teaching staff are friendly, well qualified and experienced. During morning tea and lunch, the director of Fuji International Kindergarten is available to discuss child development and language learning.

  • imageDay 1 – Depart Aomori for Haneda Transfer to Narita International Airport Depart Japan for Brisbane (evening flight)
  • Day 2 – Arrive at Brisbane International Airport (morning) Sightseeing in Brisbane Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Gold Coast sightseeing Check in at Condominium
  • Day 3 – Go to Fuji International Kindergarten – 4 hour program Free Time*
  • Day 4 – Go to Fuji International Kindergarten – 4 hour program Free Time*
  • Day 5 – Go to Fuji International Kindergarten – 4 hour program Shopping and mini-tour
  • Day 6 – Depart Gold Coast for Brisbane Half day in Brisbane exploring the sites of Brisbane Depart Brisbane for Japan
  • Day 7 – Arrive at Narita International Airport Transfer to Haneda Depart Haneda for Aomori

* Many activities to choose from. Going to the beach, shopping, going for walks around the Gold Coast area were some of the activities our group did in our free time.


One mother who attended the Australia Short Term Program on 14 – 20 March 2005 had this to say about the program:

At first I was nervous about taking my daughter to Australia. She usually finds it very difficult to adjust to new places. That nervousness disappeared when we arrived in Brisbane. In the past, my daughter had always made a barrier around herself, cutting herself off from close contact with foreigners. When we arrived in Brisbane, she took one look at her surroundings and then happily ran around me raising a sweat. What had taken a year at Preschool was accomplished in one fleeting moment in Australia. I couldn’t believe it and cried tears of joy when my daughter went into the Preschool classroom. Not once did she look around to see where her Mummy was. She listened to what teachers were saying to her, and understood what the teachers were saying. She was moving with the rest of the class! I was so happy! On the last day, I heard my daughter crying out loudly, “I don’t want to go back home!!” During our time in Australia, I was continually surprised by the rapid growth and progress my daughter was making. Our trip to Australia was a very precious experience. I got to see and feel first hand that something had definitely changed for the better inside my daughter. Since coming back, I feel it has become easier for my daughter to speak phrases in English. One week….it’s just too short. If I had to rate my fellingsl about our trip to Australia, I’d give it 120%!


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